About Prospex Digital

As leaders in Performance Marketing Solutions, ProspeX Digital specializes in high intent prospect, data development, and marketing services within multiple verticals. ProspeX Digital sets itself apart from other performance marketing firms with a cost-effective, performance-driven model that is fueled by proprietary multi-channel ad targeting products that result in precise delivery of high-intent, qualified prospects to clients.

We pride ourselves on offering our clients an end to end solution of products and services to help our clients target the right audience to help them acquire new customers. Our team of experts work with our clients in every stage of the campaign process including Planning, Strategizing, and Execution, to back end Measuring and Optimization.

What We Do

How We Do It

We work hard to create strategic partnerships in online and offline marketing channels that will ultimately yield measurable, positive ROI results for our clients. We pride ourselves in optimization and performance targets, working with every client, in any vertical to ensure your goals are met and we are targeting an engaged customer for your brand

Social Media

We leverage the power and reach of social media by creating the right audience to target ads, finding you your best prospect or customer.

Contact Centers

Our United States-based CONTACT CENTERS present performance-based marketing opportunities to qualified candidates,

Email Marketing

EMAIL MARKETING is a proven tool for identifying a niche audience, building a relationship, and promoting your products or services.

Affiliated Marketing

Our connections in the industry run deep, we use those strong relationships to buy media smartly and in conjunction with your advertising goals.


Take advantage of getting your message to the intended user quicker than any other channel.

Marketing Services

Personalize engagement, re-target users and get them back to your website. Send out notifications about your product..