Data Acquisition

ProspeX Data offers high quality data to help companies meet their specific business objectives.

Prospex Data specializes in understanding and identifying buying trends and behavior to develop responsive consumer files for their customers. Files are compiled from over 200 million consumers at over 135 million households. All records are multi-sourced, cleaned monthly and DPV-verified for maximum deliverability.

Utilizing the right blend of art and science, the files are generated from a unique combination of multiple data sources including Credit Files, Telephone Directories, Government Records, and Web/Mail Responders. Files are updated and refreshed monthly, resulting in a rich, robust and responsive database. All files are Do Not Call and Do Not Mail Compliant, and are delivered in a secure environment.

Prospex Data offers a flexible pricing structure with orders ranging from a minimum of 5,000 records to millions if needed. All files offer customized selects to choose from including gender, age, all geographical selects, income, email, and phone number. Lists are available for many different industries and offers including education, automotive, home services, professional services, retail, and financial just to name a few. Prospex Data also offers Creative Services to help their clients leverage the strengths of print and digital for maximum multi-channel campaign effectiveness.